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Animal Care

Animal Care


Dr. Val has received additional training and certification to adjust animals from Options For Animals in Kansas in 2015.  In order for your animal to be adjusted, your veterinarian needs to sign a referral to Dr. Val.  Just like with people, many problems can cause back and neck pain in your animal.  Dr. Val can help with the discomfort your animal experiences with joints not moving well, but cannot help with other problems that a veterinarian is highly trained to identify and treat.  Dr.Val  values her relationships with local veterinarians and works closely with them to get the best outcome for animal patients. 


Many issues with horses can successfully be treated with adjustments such as:


Cross cantering

Picking up the wrong lead

Kicking out when asked for a lead

Difficulty bending or collecting

Not getting on the bit

Other problems under saddle


Some indicators that your dog or cat may benefit from an adjustment are hunching of the back or sleeping more than they used to.


If you are interested in having your animal adjusted or if you have any questions about it, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

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